Thread: Which Vesta?
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11-15-2012, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
HIt looks like purple slightly more glowy Polarize Hull. It does work on high-yield torps, but I don't think it works on Isometric Charge. The biggest problem in PvE is that it shoves enemies away, similar to Tractor Repulsors, which can make people angry if you trigger it at the wrong time and shove something out of their range. That also means your cannons will have less effect on them if you're shooting them. It lacks the kinetic damage of Tractor Repulsors, meaning it's pure defense/kinetic payback.
Hmm, bummer. Never used tractor repulsors before, and kinetic payback aside, it looks like the console's a non-starter, until I start rolling a beam boat at least.

Maybe I will decide on the Sci variant after all. Arrgh, but I love the Engi look!