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(Seriously, people: Monotanium armor saves lives. I've been advocating monotanium ever since I realized that Borg do 90% of their killing with torpedoes of doom, and y'all cling to your neutronium like it's the last bar of latinum on Ferenginar)
^ Give this man a medal.

I personally don't care (cruiser pilot so I run in like idiot and give no #$%&s like idiot), but I have noticed the borg sting a little more than they used to. I used to be able to tank a Tac Cube all day in an ISE, but now I have to pay attention, and even have to disengage every few minutes to heal up and recover.

The borg have more teeth. The Collective is coming for you. About bloody time I say. Cuz in all honesty, the borg in S5 and S6 were pathetic. Now the borg are real. I likey.
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