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11-15-2012, 08:08 PM
Before the release of Season 7, i manage to get on the Triibble test with the Borg and The Queen.

Big 0, and full MACO set at 12th lvl. 5 to 6 times, the ship met instant death. On the last death, was multi-tractor, shield stripped, and plasma fired to death. But the first 5, simply turned into space dust.

Lost all the options, team was forced to put massive distant away *twice* on keeping the group in the game. But we finished it.

My ship was designed to handle Borg directly...what I witness, they overcame all my decent protections like they had the inside knowledge to codes and what not, on slowing my means to fight properly.

It was very brutal, very brutal...but it is the Borg.

Originally Posted by mihohle View Post
to all who noticed far more death with shield up, did you fly a ship with 3part borg set + maco/hg shield ?
if so maybe you re just burned by the loss of the old 3part bonus ?
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