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Originally Posted by havam View Post
Just out of curiosity, before you left, or now during season 7, how many of you actually fly fleet ships. The 2000Zen per character is a total bummer. but outside of KDf cruiser i hardly see any fleet ships in pvp, mostly lockbox.

I m just not interested in any of the fleet ships (bare the Noobula, which is just the noobula) but cannot justify throwing money in cryptics direction for it. so all my pvp toons fly either S5 ships, or lockbox ships (thx again for the presents).

What about you, anybody flying a fleet ship, which one and why?
I fly the Negh'Var as an engineer/healer and have been incredible happy with the results. It is a solid heal-boat with a great turn rate (9) and a wonderful hull (42500).

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