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Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
Please add for all missions at least a reward of 100 ore for those that are new and old that still would like to rerun the missions. This would allow people to still earn dilithium without being forced to run the stf's and fleet actions.

Reaper, I think you are moving in the right direction here. I was kind of thinking the same thing while I was playing today. Specifically what came to my mind was to do the following:

1) Skill points earned by max-level characters no longer convert to expertise.
2) Instead, every 10 skill points earned by a max level characters equals 1 dilithium ore, with a minimum of 1 per award.

This would mean that...
  • Most NPC kills would yield 1-2 ore
    Chart the B'Tran would yield 99 ore, giving it some incentive over the non-Vice Admiral zones but not the strong synergy it had at 1440.
    Replaying "Stranded in Space" would give 223 ore, about half the reward of playing a fleet action, and probably fairly accurately reflecting the time commitment.

A system like this would guarantee a constant "background" income for people who play, making it easier for the Devs to achieve their goal of the "4 hour work day" and also rewarding endgame players for a broader variety of activities. At the same time, the individual income levels would be low enough to not edge out FAs, STFs, and high-yield dailies as the main "grindy" ore sources.

This approach also has the added value of reinforcing the concept of Dilithium as "endgame XP" that promotes ongoing character development and obviating the need for wrapper missions to accomplish similar incentivization of currently non-dilithium-generating content.

Anyway, if any Devs are reading, you know you want to do this. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?

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