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11-15-2012, 08:45 PM
Like Seriously

I can understand the requirement to put cost to grinding. It's the same reasoning that they put dilithium on Crafting.

The big difference here is that it is prohibitively expensive, especially since that getting one purple DOff costs 12000 dilithium.

If you have to charge, don't charge what you are charging.

100 for Common -> Uncommon
500 for Uncommon -> Rare
1000 for Rare -> Very Rare.

Cut the General Recruitment pack to 500.

At the very most, Rare will now cost 2000 Dilithium instead of 5000, assuming you used the General Recruitment pack twice.

It also means that grinding for that Very Rare will now cost 11000 instead of 12000 dilithium by buying it outright, but I don't really trade in my Rares unless I have to.

It just strikes me that the devs didn't think things through about adding dilithium costs for converting officers. Had they done that there wouldn't be the uproar that there is now.