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11-15-2012, 09:10 PM
As one of the minority players that regularly spend 100$-200$ monthly on STO I was curious as to what exciting new additions are on the horizon to keep my business (and players like me)?

Are we going to see an upgrade to the Odyssey class ships? Some new skins/parts/console set would be a welcome add on(s) worthy of lobi/zen.

Any word on saucer separation for the Dreadnought cruiser? Or an expansion of the dreadnought line of ships (Still hoping for an Odyssey dreadnought!)? Any plans to fix the accuracy issues with the phaser spinal lance?

Recently cruisers have been the subject of scrutiny regarding lack of DPS and ability to hull tank. Science ships received sensor analysis to help them do damage, will cruisers receive some sort of ship specific ability?

Regent fleet refit? Chimera refit? Both ships are underpowered vs fleet and other ships like h vesta.

PvP updates?

Thanks for season 7. Don't let the dilithium vampires get you and the team down. They wail and gnash their teeth whenever change occurs.