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Just a random thought, but wouldn't Cryptic be better off if pretty much every player/alt in the game was hitting the 8,000 (or 9,000 depending on subscription) refinement limit on a daily basis, instead of the current "you have to fight for every purple crystal" mentality?

Two simple facts, and one assumption:
  • As it stands at the moment, Zen sellers will be getting in the region of 155-160 dil per Zen.
  • The only source of the Zen on the exchange is from other players selling it having bought it with real money.
  • More dilithium for everyone to use would most likely cause the Dil-Zen exchange prices to increase.

I can't help feeling a lot more people would be inclined to spend real money on Zen if they could get more dilithium in exchange.

If more people are buying Zen with real money, Cryptic are making more money for offering the same service, and if dilithium's easier to earn the player base is happier because there's less grind to get the starbase/reputation items.

Win-win scenario, surely?