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11-15-2012, 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by khamseenair View Post
I was in the Cure Elite Space earlier and I've never seen that mission go so badly. I got taken out by an invisible something in one shot from 100% shields and hull. The others on the team were dying left, right and centre and then we lost because we were all dead and they blew up the Kang.

I am pretty sure that the Borg have had their weapons set to ultra or something as they seem very overpowered since Tuesday. Even tried running the new space STF and went in on the normal one, just so I could see what it involved for the first time playing it and even in that I was getting blown up every few seconds. I run with full MACO MK XII space set, plus consoles to boost shield power and hull resistance, normally I can tank pretty well against the Borg.

Same here. Seems like the Borg somehow are running at 125+ on all power settings with some sort of all damage bonus. ( Indicated by getting the first hit from there Isometric at full hull and shield and taking more than enough damage to kill me, think it hit for 130K damage or some such), but I've also fallen victim to the insta 100% shield ignore blast.