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11-15-2012, 10:13 PM
Uhh seriously guys..

When devs took away dil from STF and awarded dil for FAs, the community whines... because FAs are boring, bla bla bla, STF more fun, bla bla bla..

When they reversed course and give dil back to STF and reduced FA, the community whines again...STF too hard, FA easier, bla bla bla..

This kind of ambivalent community behaviour basically shows devs that the community feedback cannot be taken seriously.

Again back to my argument.. Dont play this game just to farm Dilithium, enjoy the story, the environment, the scenery, not just Dilithium... GOSH...

Maybe i will start a Dilithium farming business where I employ 20 people to help the community do the dil dailies for $2/day.. anyone interested??

Lets see 4 customers to 1 farmer/day = $8
farmer salary = $2/day

Monthly i will earn: $3600 net profit.

If i have 200 farmers, thats $36k net income per month.

Anyone wanna partner up?