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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Were they running the cannons, or beams? I only plan to get one Vesta (the Science variant) right now, so I won't have 3 aux cannons to mount up front.
You should be able to claim the Vesta, grab the cannons, dismiss and reclaim the ship until you have three of the Aux Cannons. This is sorta like what I did to get 3x DHCs and the three consoles on my Eng, even though I had only one ship slot free.

Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
The autofire is *not* affecting random players. It's affecting all players. The thing is, weapons can be set to autofire, and that's a trait of that specific weapon. Thus, weapons already set to autofire before emergence of the glitch, will continue to be set to autofire. However, players cannot 'turn them off', as it were.
My 3x Aux cannons are firing fine, which are obviously all after S7 when the glitch started being reported. I can turn autofire on and off just fine of both weapons acquired before and after the S7 launch.