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Originally Posted by barimanforums View Post
Will we be able to turn the music off? (Or even better, only have it turn on if we tell the DJ to to do so?) It's going to drive people nuts if they have to listen to that music every time they enter the starbase. It will be within audible range of the conference room. too.
Yes you can. You walk up to the dance floor and "Signal DJ" The floor lights up (moving patterns) music starts and DJ dances (nice moves too... stop thinking bad thoughts...). When your finished, click on "Stop the Party" and alls peaceful and regulation again. Even with the music going you can only hear it on the main floor if closer than the white dot in front of the aquarium. An NPC occasionally walks on and starts dancing for a bit.

We wanted interactive content on our SB's so here it is. Quite nice actually.

Good job Devs!
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