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Adding content in the form of episodes is nice but very short lived. You play them, you're done, you want more. Season 6 and 7 have added more substance to the game, Season 7 more specifically adding a LOT of end-game content. Systems like this will complement new story arcs and episodes when they're released. They'll work hand-in-hand. New reputations will be easier to drop in now that the framework has been done.

Having systems in place that give you things too quickly results in boredom. I have a toon I rarely played because it had everything. The best gear, the best ships, the best pets, everything. It even got mk XII MACO gear in under a week. When it had everything, what was the use of playing it? Now it has stuff to do again. Stuff to achieve. It's had the cobwebs dusted off it and it's getting out and about again.

People used to complain about being able to level up too fast. The best thing to do in regards to that would be to scale the levelling system, although judging by the furore we've seen with the dilithium changes there'd be murder in the streets!!

Slowing down the flow of resources means that end game levelling will be slower. It will give long term goals for toons, not the instant gratification that leaves people crying out for more.

I am looking at the long term picture. Are you?
They have left the story hanging amd the last 2 seasons don't touch it. at least WOW tries to continue a story plot. ANd have you forgotten A LOT in tboth the embassy AND Starbase projects require dilithium. now I would mind less Dil in STFs IF it was more spread out. adding it to just FA's doesn't do that. And more importantly they snuck that tidbit on us. and since it's OUR money we're investing I think we have more at stake.