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Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
Sorry but I'm not like you guys. I'm not going to leave because you think it looks grim. I will stay to the bitter end. Hell you never know, PvP might get so much better and when it does, I promise you guys are going to come running back like you never left.

But my point is, why leave that game?

Go do whatever it is you do, I got a Fleet to run, new players to train on the way to PvP, PvE Elite, Doffs, Fleet Actions, Starbase, New Romulus... Heck I could go on. I'm willing to wait for it to get better. So shoo. MWO and those Pandas are waiting on ya
I ain't leaving. I get my PvP on over at "Voldemort" then hang out in STO to get my PvE on. I think that says a lot.

Originally Posted by criminius View Post
Indeed. The best part of this game was not the game itself. It was and is the people who played it.

Thanks guys and keep up the good fight!

Ps MWO has its own set if issues.
On another note I really hope that star citizen takes off.
The people is why I do not leave STO. We have some great sub-communities and I think that underscores what Cryptic has done best, inter-player communications. "Voldemort" does not have that. You have to be in a match to use chat right now and then you can only talk to those in that match with you.

I agree on the second point as well. For example that crit shot bug can really mess up a good match before it even starts. Still I have a great time just dreaming up builds for "Voldemort" just like I used to in STO before the OP madness of F2P.

Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
They committed themselves on hitting that sub nuke button, they hit it and there is no sci team in this community to clear it. So screaming sci team isn't going to make a difference.

I'm just looking out for you guys before you guys blow out a vein or something.. Some of the TRH guys have gotten very angry too. I know it can get, you should of heard me when I first found out about SN Doffs.

I'm not saying be nice because they'll be changes. I'm saying, there won't be changes so there's no sense getting upset over it. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. Wasting time on these forums, I don't know but I feel like I should buddy up and tell you guys as friends that you're wasting your own time.

Unless... We take a different approach? Not on the forums obviously, but a different avenue of directly contacting someone at their head offices? Like target calling this calls for a target change perhaps? Bran has 4 extends on him + rsp + ablative + vesta bs + steamrunner + miracle worker + ... etc.. lol.

Brainstorm it?
Is this a levi3 sockpuppet? What I highlighted reminds me so much of that players old KDF troll threads. With a little bit of paraphrasing it went something to the effect of...

"I'm a good KDF player. I use my many KDF toons to grind DL. But you KDF die hards should give up 'cause when it comes to faction content it comes down to the numbers and 12% is not enough to develop for. I'm sympathetic to the KDF cause, but it just won't happen. Give up."

He was a real pain to talk to, a regular Hanoi Hannah. Don't be that way please.

Man I can only live on promises for so long Brandon. I wanna be rewarded for playing this game they way I want to. I know you are not responsible but you are the go between. I would love to have new and interesting PvP experiences.

As I have said in the past, years ago, I would love to have a persistent war between the KDF and UFP that has an actual story driven by the outcomes of the PvP matches. Bad news is from what I understand "Voldemort" is gonna do their best give me this, amongst five factions no less, and I did not have to even ask them for it.
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