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11-15-2012, 10:48 PM
We as players could have helped and many tried
But we didn't know the drive behind the new system
Because STO did not tell us until feedback was useless

The system was already hardwired

Knowing what I know now

It would have been better to leave the stfs alone
And just removed the goods from the STF store
And allowed the Borg salvage be used there to cash I'n
The old way

Introduced all the new costs
Increased the consoles I'n the dilithium store to max out
At 28.3%

Allow Borg salvage, weapons and gear to be converted into
Omega marks Rom marks amd the Nural processor things

Basically add the new system on top of the old with
The new a few% better and much more costly.

It's easier to stomach higher prices than having your
Paycheck cut I'n 1/2
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