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11-15-2012, 11:06 PM
Originally Posted by aarons9 View Post
before the FA got dil you could never do one.. specially the 20 man ones..
i remember q'ing up for nearly one hour one time and finally giving up..

its nice to have an option on what you wan to play.. not just get dil in one mission you have to do over and over..

KDF has one FA for space..
there needs to be more options to get dil, not less.
This is the reason why the changes were made in the first place.

And if Cryptic decided to sneak in a nerf for dil farming dil-weeds (haha, get it?), then tough cookies.

I'm not in a position to say whether or not the nerf was necessary or will be beneficial. Only time and the market will tell, but if nothing else, there's at last a reason to do more than one thing in the daily grind.

Changes are compromise. If STF lovers (or more accurately, players that loved getting all their dil in 8 minutes doing just one thing - STFs are little better than console clicking in that regard), then sorry, try some Fleet Actions. And if you don't want to because you hate Fleet Actions, sorry, you'll have to put up with a lower farming output. If we're lucky FAs will be tweaked to make them more appealing to STF snobs.

In the meantime, the players who do want to play FAs or have fun doing them now get better rewards and won't feel forced to grind only STFs to get what they need.