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11-15-2012, 11:08 PM
First I must say, I LOVE the New Romulus adventure zone. It feels like there is no shortage of things to do with many rewards.

While playing on New Romulus, it became apparent that inventory space is really at a premium these days. Are there any plans on expanding our available bank/inventory space? I seem to recall a member of the Cryptic team mentioning in an interview that part of the problem is the amount of data that would have to be loaded for each character in a zone. What if we had some zone-specific inventories? For instance: a commodities inventory on our ships for doff missions, ship equipment inventories in shipyards, New Romulus mission items that remain in the New Romulus zone.

As things are right now, it can be discouraging logging in to be greeted by some inventory management. Swapping equipment around takes awhile and too often it boils down to deciding between a number of cool items or the inputs for even more cool items.