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# 1 STF Reputation... YAWN!!!!
11-15-2012, 11:10 PM
Yeah ok so another complaint bout season 7 I guess... (just glad I didnt invest US$200 for life time subscription recently).

Ok yeah fine, I like the principle.. But the pure Maths just dont add up...

Perhaps some clarity from someone as to what extra options may be available at Tier 2+ Reputation for STF's.

I have spent MOST of my playing time enjoying the STF system. Always on the hunt for the elusive Prototype Equipment Drops to obtain all the Maco/Omega XII sets. No complaints there when I dont get much.. It is (ok WAS) an ok way to score some Dilithium and EC (selling useless consoles and Engines etc).

So Yes I do like the fact that now I will be able to purchase them.


With the Maths done (as an average - with the information at hand).. It now means that I will need to grind these missions EVERY DAY for approximately 2 YEARS before being able to enjoy excellent benefits.

Heck it will be about a week before I get any kind of reward at all, and about a month before I can even access whatever has been exchanged for all my accumulated EDC's and Prototype Salvage.

Timers, I can live with... Having to provide more stuff to advance, ok fair enough.. But why make the rewards so low and the required reputation so high... Could we not get say 500 Reputation for completeing the Elite Special Task force portion (for completeing 5 STF missions) instead of a measly 5...

Definately not on a balanced scale, and in the long term dont think it is going to win favours with anyone.

If they want people to cancel their subscriptions and switch to F2P thus eventually killing the game entirely by going out of business, this is a great way to do it.