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11-16-2012, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by upyournacelles2 View Post
I was hoping someone from cryptic can come on here and tell us if cryptic is still holding to the story that only .02% of players in your game pvp. I've found the number to be extremely hard to believe since the day I heard it. If it is indeed .02%, I really see no reason why pvp development would even be considered. Not many companies would spend any resources to improve a segment of their product that only sees 1/5000 people using it.

Having said that, I believe that number was thrown out to try to justify the lack of development within pvp and your consideration in the past to mothball it all together. I'm not saying that number is accurate, just that you guys threw it out there.

Am I wrong?

you saw how Pax's post immediately got locked down when he posted about a petition about people actually working on pvp. obviously its not a priority =)

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