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11-15-2012, 11:16 PM
1) Why doesn't the Armitage and the Regent have 10 Console slots, but the Steamrunner Refti and Vesta do?

2) Why not unique bridges for these ships?

3) Why do Embassies have an option that doesn't require Dilithium for progression like Starbases?

And why the 50 Uncommon DOFFs per Project at Tier 1, when the Recruiting mission now asks for Dilithium?

4) Why isn't the Taw Dewa Sector not following canon. The Archer System is 31 Light years from Earth, not 50. And the new Romulan Homeworld is in Klingon space? They feeling generous?

5) When are Klingons going to get new ships? We still yet to see the canonical K'Vort and VoD'legh or the semi-canoncial Qang.

6) Why did you change the STFs when the new changes hurt players finishing sets than it helped.

7) We going to see more grinding in Season 8 or have something fun?