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11-16-2012, 12:22 AM
There seems to be a general opinion round here that STFs are so much better than FAs, WHY?
I have played both repeatedly and can honestly say that after enough time, neither type is more or less boring than the other, they can both turn into mind numbing grinds if you do them often enough!!!!
The FAs(for a day) at least gave a dil reward appropriate to the time expended, at 480, its not worth it, not by a long stretch!!
So thank you very bloody much all you STF whinging bastards, hope your all friggin happy, rejoice in the fact that you have made the game less rewarding for those that don't WANT to do your stupid arse missions( and repeating elite missions over and over till you can do them in your sleep DOES NOT make you a better player, any mug can do that!!!!)

Am sure there will many who try to justify their position........... but you are confusing me with somebody who gives a **** what you now have to say.

End Rant!!!