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I do understand that people should focus on the new content and should be grateful such things were made (otherwise the game would be very mundane with no new updates).

However, it just kills me when there are less chances in getting Dilithium which equates to lesser chances of getting Zen without paying Real-World-Money which in turn makes obtaining of rarer ships even harder, which again equates to lesser ship availability and ends up with another boring game, which perhaps many people seem to think that the new content is "useless" as it destroys one of the main things the people like by adding another, in other words, adding a good and adding a bad, a positive and a negative, which makes it neutral.

I do appreciate the new content. It is the best one yet; the new missions are good and I give thanks to the developers who made it, but we have to speak up and give our opinions to them, to make them understand what the players want, otherwise the game might not be as effective in attracting people to play it. Perhaps the developers had something different in mind, and hence there should be a thread, to show the reasons why the dilithium reward was taken out. That would be awesome.

If I had the chance to speak to the developers (or whoever was in-charge), I would say "thank you for the nice content updates, it was really a nice touch. However, I think the dilithium reward should still be established in the game".

[Every game has its Pro's and Con's, so literally no one can have exactly a "perfect game"]
Actually, my perspective changed a little now.

With regards to the above comment I made, I would just want to add something to it.

Perhaps the developers wants us to appreciate more of the game than what the Dilithium can do. Perhaps they want us to be more focused on the game-play, the friendships you make, the space/ground combats, the quality, the richness of the game instead of basing the game on just the dilithiums alone.

After realising this, I noticed that STO has indeed changed a lot from being a non-free-to-play game to a free-to-play game and to Season 7. It really amazes me though, that last time I usually hate ground combats. However, it seems now, with the new Mine Trap ground PvE combat, I feel that ground combats are improving...slightly. I know it still has those "easy death", "lack of skill" and all that jazz, but I do believe it is changing a little.

Many could not realise that and just want the dilithiums alone, and that perhaps is just a little sad, because some just like to complain and criticise without first thinking what the developers had done and why they probably did it. So I would like to thank the developers or whoever it may concern, for making STO an improved game from its history.

However, with that being said, there is one thing that is etched in my mind. I am a little upset still. Although yes, you can make the players realise that we should focus on the game and not the rewards, but to me, removing the dilithium rewards still doesn't seem like the only possible way to get their attention. Because of the tons of Zen-required boundaries made (E.g. Energy Credit Cap which I particularly hate the most), it makes the game hard for players to play because of the ship types. The ships are what makes the game very interesting for players. With that oppurtunity removed, and yet without formally telling us why (if there is, please reply, thanks), that can only spark rage in the community.

Perhaps one way to solve this problem is to spread all the dilithium rewards into different factors. Instead of taking away the STF Dilithiums alone, try establishing more missions or content that gives dilithiums as well, but perhaps at a lower amount? This way, they feel that the missions can really worth something.

If you want to make the player realise that they should enjoy the content and not solely on the reward, don't adjust the content in such a way that players don't even want to play the content. Make the content meaningful, and perhaps that is what makes the content enjoyable: it gives good rewards.

Either way, this is what I thought of. I am sure some may agree and some may disagree to my statements. This agreeing and disagreeing is exactly the current status of the community. Different people have different opinions of the game; some say it is a good change while others may not.

You should make a thread to tell us why the update is as so. If I had mistaken and that there is a thread that explains it, please redirect me there. Thanks.