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11-15-2012, 11:35 PM
Your math is off. To get the Mk XII armor you need tier 5 reputation. Tier 5 reputation requires 100,000 rxp. At tier 0 you have 2 missions that you can run at the same time:

1) File Situation Report on Status of the Borg Threat= 2000 rxp
2) Submit Research Materials to Omega = 800 rxp

These missions take 40 hours, with no cooldown. ie you can run them both at the same time every ~2 days. That's 71 days of play. Assuming you do no other missions ( I believe the gear missions are what the third slot is for), and there are no other missions that would give you more rxp (there's at least one- Omega Task Force - Claim Tier I Reputation for 5,000 rxp.)

That's 5 minutes (maybe ten if you have to hit a vendor) every 2 days for a little over 2 months. Compare that to the weeks, even months it took us previously- without any guarantee of ever seeing a piece of gear.

Edited because I can't multiply.

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