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11-15-2012, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by dilbart View Post
All they needed to do was implement an alternative method to attain MK XII pieces by grinding and the problem would have been solved.

I think that the Omega reputation system could have existed with the old STF loot system. Omega marks could have been added to the EDC loot drop, just the captain abilities alone would have been enough motivation.
Perhaps, and I do share your opinion for now, (though I've yet to be affected by it one way or the other) but there is such a thing as having too many options.

Perhaps keeping both systems would leave things too cluttered, or make the sets too easy to get (don't forget that complainers about "item uniqueness/exclusivity" are also a constant feature of the forums). Obv. Cryptic wants to put more weight behind the rep system, and hey, now it has a lot of weight.

All these changes have been designed to force players to engage with more systems rather than rely on just one thing for their daily grind. It's a shame that some of the complainers don't find these other systems as engaging as doing endless repetitions of STFs, but not everyone can get everything they want.

That's 5 minutes (maybe ten if you have to hit a vendor) every 2 days for a little over a month. Compare that to the weeks, even months it took us previously?
Exactly. I'm rubbish in elite STFs, and in all likelihood I'd never see a single piece of Mk. XII set gear. Now I can. Yay me!