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11-16-2012, 12:09 AM
I can give no real thought to the .02% We are a small community. I recognize most I see in OPvP chat and here in the PvP forums. I think that says a lot in and of it's self.

What I think should get more thought is why develop PvP even if only .02% play PvP in this game.

We have the early numbers when the game first launched. Back then a lot more PvPed. I think that justifies development as the launch numbers suggest there is a interest, just much of that interest has moved on to other games.

Also there is the fact that most Asian MMO's rely on PvP as the primary source of end game content. From a fiscal perspective it does not need as much development as PvE and tends to get played more often by players than a good mission does.

One of the metrics I remember getting shared with the player base during the build up to F2P is that most actual missions only get played once or twice per player's toon. That is a poor return on investment. One could almost interpret the last two seasons as an attempt to make a good PvE model that works on a F2P basis that Perfect World is familiar with. Ultimately PW is most comfortable with PvP for endgame and I think that may be why there is a touch of validity in Branflakes assertion that PvP is a priority.

Still PvE is what Cryptic does, is what Cryptic is most familiar with and it does not surprise me when I find yet another season of empty PvP promises go by while Cryptic tires to prove they can make PvE work for PW's F2P model.
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