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11-16-2012, 12:45 AM
Yeah, crashing after the new patch.

Tried a few things. Nothing. No point in reloading as the same borked patch will just reload.

Just jams on the CRYPTIC screen, hangs, crashes, opp's your client has crashed window, vanishes before I can use it........same with verify files.....

Why don't the Dev's take the time to run a check on these patches? It would so stop this from happening. Or is it the old " Ah, stuff it, that will do. " attitude again?

Just getting to my end with these non-stop bugs. When I build a computer, it NEVER goes to it's new owner with out a major test run. The Dev's can do this with patches.

It's just logical thinking.

Edit : With out any help from Cryptic, I manged to break though their shoddy patch.............for now.

Getting fed up with coming up with new tricks and magic to keep the system from crashing these days.
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