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11-16-2012, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by tali9999 View Post
Hi, i logged in to play with my Orion Tactical Officer today and noticed that while doing ground combat with my KHG Mk XII Photon Grenade Launcher:

- 4 days ago and before that, EVERYTIME i triggered the grenade launcher, the grenade always exploded ON CONTACT.

- Now today, when fighting some Breens on planet Zaria, the grenade definitely was taking more time to detonate. The grenade simply fell at the feet of enemies and layed there maybe for a 1 second before exploding.

Let me say that the added delay before detonation is long enough that enemies can often be already far away before the explosion.

So am i crazy? Is it a stealth nerf? I see nothing about it in the patch notes. Please anyone experienced with the KHG Mk XII can confirm the launcher seem to be acting strangely?

I then equipped a Kit with Plasma Grenade ability and tested a hand grenade and those seem to work fine. The plasma grenade detonated as soon as it touched ground. Just sayin... So if it was LAG then why was the plasma exploding just fine on contact and not the launched photon?

I sent a bug report but maybe it is working as intended and was modified by devs on purpose. I would like to know if and why.

this has been happing to me for ages long before season 7 tho i dont know why. its anoying it like its a dud and a few seconds later it explodes but bad guys already moved.