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11-16-2012, 01:53 AM
Know what the real problem is here? People; plain and simple. You CANNOT please everyone, and if you try, someone out there is going to call you a "kiss-ass." In fact, there is no middle ground, it seems - everyone wants everyone else to come all the way, THEIR way.

No, I'm not happy with several things with this launch like the dil fiasco and even more grind, and there were some definite issues with the train wreck (note: this is in my OPINION) that was S6, but, in the end, I am happy with most STO has to offer. But what makes me happy is going to piss someone else off, and vice versa.

My advice is that you enjoy this GAME for what it is and stave off the strokes some of you are bound to have over this, or, another solution: stop paying and/or playing and find your entertainment elsewhere. There have to be a hell of a lot of more important things in your lives to be this passionate about, and MUCH bigger issues to resolve...and if not, you have my sympathies.

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