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11-16-2012, 02:05 AM
I still can't believe there are that many people playing games on terrible intel graphics cards, they are not meant for gaming and have for 10+ years now scored the lowest of pretty much anything out there in graphics power.

CPU can make up for bad graphics power but the intel chipsets are limited and featureless, its quite possible new graphics techniques are just not supported.

This is true in most cases, but if you go to the intel site you will see a big banner saying, Works with Star Trek ON-Line, and I to am having the same problem, I have put in a ticket and working with the tec support , TBH they are very helpful, to make my game playable for the moment I droped all my settings to low, and removed and re installed my drivers, my screen will flash but only once every half hour or so, but if you want real answers to your problems posting and complaining on a forum is not the way, submit a ticket, and try working with them, trust me if it is a fixeble problem they will do something about it, also I put in a ticket with intel asking if they will give us a driver update.

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