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11-16-2012, 01:18 AM
Don't forget to throw a Dervish in there, make it really old-school.

Seriously though. Forests, trees. The actual content of S7 is really quite strong and deserves more props than it's been getting. We should be encouraging progress in whatever form it takes rather than constantly harping on the negatives, real or imagined.

One more thing about these system missions: while many of them retain the usual MMO "kill 5 mobs" structure, those mobs now rush the player and NPC allies in waves, rather than spacing themselves out to be hunted down like all the others. I much prefer that setup since not only does it kill the tiresome "full impulse, battle, full impulse, rinse, repeat" routine of most combat dailies, but it also leads to some pretty hectic conflagrations of pew-pew, which is usually pretty rare outside of Fleet Actions and STFs.

Again, I wish a lot of the older content could be reworked in this style.