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11-16-2012, 01:27 AM
Someone asked me to write a critical review and explain why I am totally disappointed with PW and the last changes. Well, I'll try... I know my english is not good but I will try, please forgive me if something will be hard to understand.

Lets start talking about server's performance. In the last days I am experimenting lag, so much lag that is really hard to play and some time I am also forced to log out. Lag is not a news and with season 7 it's being inacceptable, I pay a recurring subscription, like many players, other player have payed a LT subscription.. I think the first goal of PW should be give us a good server with good performace, not only some bank/inventory/characters slot more. Also, contents are important but useless too if the server do not work well, how can I enjoy season 7 if I can't play?

The game has several bugs. Ok no one is perfect and a big project like STO is complicated, but some bugs are really old: supercritical hits from borgs, the tractor beam repulsor bug (it's not funny to see player that destroy you in 2-3 seconds using TBR... even if you have full shields and hul).
Red allerts often do not works (at least a one year old bug), you often enter in a map and forced to leave because there is nothing to do.
Moreover I have the feeling that season 7 wasn't tested enough: one of my char can't play fleet action, everytime I try I get a ?leave map button?; because of another bug PW has disabled private queues and you know how depressing is playing a ?random? (or a ?optional failed?) stf.
But the most annoying problem is that season 6 and season 7 have changed STO in a way it's being a new job. You need refined dilithium to complet fleet projects, to buy items, get new doff, convert doffs in better doffs (and the ridiculous is that is less expensive buying green/blue/purple doffs from ferra or white from fleet base), but dilithium rewards in stf and daylies have been reduced. you have to spend a lot of time to get enough dilithium. Moreover new projects require also EC to buy commodities and also items loot have been reduced. It's not over... you also need romulan marks, omega marks and fleet marks... For each of this item you have to play different quests, for each of your toons. If you can play only 2 hour every day this system penalize you a lot and changes a funny game in a new job (that you pay because of your subscription).
What is worst is that PW fist sold me/you slots to create more toons, then PW changes the game so that using more toons is really difficult.
If you think ?buy zen point and sell them for dilithium and EC?, think also that if players have no dilithium and EC, you can't sell them. Moreover, I can pay a subscription and some items from the store but I do not want to pay hundreds of euro to play STO... the game is nice, but not so nice.

Season 7 could be nice and funny, but at the moment is a new job, there are old bugs and there is a loot of lag... some ideas seems have no logic and sometimes the game is vague, contorted...