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Originally Posted by gunhound007 View Post
Well I was wondering if there could be a limited time sale at the C-store of all those items that are availble at the lobi store or unlocking lockboxes. C-store could sell it as a bundle set like for example the current temporal lockboxes offer you can sell all those items as a bundle, the uniform, the ship, the shuttle, and the weapons all in one bundle, kinda like the TOS bundle.
I'd like this as well for a couple of ships or items, but they're probably making more money off lockboxes and lobi than they would if they sold that stuff on the store (assuming CBS allowed it).

Think about it:

To get a Lobi ship off the store (not counting the exchange) you'd have to open boxes to get Lobi. At a minimum of 4 lobi per box you'd have to open at least 150-200 boxes to accumulate the necessary Lobi to buy an 800-Lobi ship (Temporal Destroyer or Recluse Carrier). Buying 10-packs of master keys to open 200 boxes (again, not counting trading dil or buying keys from the exchange), that's roughly $225 in Cryptic/PWE's pocket.

It's genius!

To make that kind of money off regular C-store schlubs a lockbox item bundle would have to cost as much as a ship 3-pack, at least. And the value proposition for that kind of thing is ridiculously low when you think about it. $50 for one good/decent ship and a few throwaway costumes?