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11-16-2012, 01:35 AM
Well being I've been running a Vo'Quv for 2 years I can tell you the do's and don'ts of this ship.

The break down of this is it turns so slow that you do not want to use anything that has a narrow type of arc. Turrets just don't do enough damage so don't waste your time there same goes with torpedoes and any skill that has narrow arcs such as that. You mainly want beams on this thing foremost it is a science ship which engineers can adapt to use but horrible for a tactical player.

So your best options are skills like tractor repulsors, feedback pulse, energy stealing to go with the targeting of the systems but instead of omega like you were told in one post I recommend for your best bang is use target shields 3. If you are to use an attack pattern use beta in pve and delta in pvp (because beta is stripped from tactical team). The ship is so big and turns extremely slow your omega and dampners aren't going to help at all and projectiles are the benefit damage of the pets for the most part since they heavily nerfed their energy damage out put back around seasons 4 and 5.

So basically pack enough heals and arc less or very wide arc weaponry and it does best with a sci because as a sci you can use your sci only powers to help give your pets damage resistance. If you hit your target shields 3 right and coordinate with your advanced bop pets it'll blow them right out of their nacelles. Especially in PvP you do not want to use those narrow arcs because people can easily navigate to your sides to avoid being hit. For your powers with plasmonic leech you basically want your powers to be around 100/50/50/80 its pretty balanced gives you enough damage resist, weapons power, defense from engines, and aux for your aux based skills and hangar control. Overall if you do it like this people will have a hard time trying to destroy you and npcs just will explode all around you. Is why I wonder why feds go and buy an atrox when the free vo'quv is a much better ship.