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11-16-2012, 01:39 AM
I was thinking about that the other night too, how much do they actually understand.
I reflected a little on it, now that I am not playing.

It's easy to get fascinated by an item if you can just pop it using a command line and totally overlook the 3 months of work it takes to get there.
So looking on their screen all claps and cheering over an item whereas what we have in front of us +1500 hours before we even get permission to unlock it...

Why couldn't we just have great new content with nothing being taken away ?
At which point have you heard a single person say, you know what I am tired of the stf rewards please remove them! Or how about hey man I am so sick of tired to be allowed to play when I want to, you better lock the game up for me!

When I look at the idea to remove stf rewards as content for season 7 and then watch them be surprised at the lack of postive feedback from us, you can't help but to cook up some deliberate, sinister motive on their part because no way they are that oblivious to their own game.
That level of ignorance would be more crazy than them being calculative and exploitive.

But to them there is no grinding, there is only the excellence of the items they can insta-spawn, they won't hurt themselves if they double the grinding or remove w/e rewards because they are not involved.

I am sure for season 7 they spent a lot of time admiring how great the new maps looked, really for extensive periods of time standing behind some guy's pc and totally getting into it.
And at that moment I am sure they were totally convinced that the awesomeness of it would totally overshadow everything else because it did to them.

Which leads to them having a right to hate us for not returning good feedback unjustified.
To them it's still awesome and they deserve credit and to us half the game or more just went out the airlock.

So I guess the lack of understanding goes both ways, only the difference being they are getting paid to excute a profession so the responsibility has to be theirs.