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11-16-2012, 02:41 AM
Mid Term
*KDF Ships, Costumes and keeping things Unique. ADD MORE!

Long Term
*KDF Ships, Social Zones, Costumes, Playable Species and keeping things Unique. ADD MORE!
(for me kinda)*Federation Bikini "NOT ORION" one pieces, need I say more?

Super Long Term
*PvP Balance, (I'm gonna get shot) Escort Hull/Hit Points on many Federation Escorts are just too darn high. YEAH Science has a shield modifier. but that modifier no matter how high, does not give me a 10k increase in shields. compared to some escort hull vs science hulls. 30k sci vs 40k escorts? no way Jose!

P.S. B'Rel Retrofit BoP is a perfect example of how an escort SHOULD be, low health high DPS.

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