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11-16-2012, 01:58 AM
No free lunch ?
Sure there is, this is a f2p game, I got all my ships, all weapons and full max ground sets on all my characters FOR FREE.

And no, I won't suddenly rush to buy zen for dil for old items that are now locked for the next 2 months

Dstahl personally came out and said the idea of them making money off fleet and reputation dil "made him laugh". As in there in-come is from LTS, lockboxes and other ships and c-store items.

Now in addition they came out and said people are refining too little dilithium.

Finally the bragged on end about how well things are going and how they expanded their team and continue to do so.

So if you have an explanation for your "tactical economical decision" that fits that I'd love to hear it.

And to ask them same question again, why did they have to remove stf, exactly, to have a reputation system? Why not have both