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11-16-2012, 03:11 AM
TBR is probably the most useful utility ability in STO. It isn't just for pushing things away from other things.

It provides decent damage against immovable objects like cubes gates and transformers.

It takes care of incoming mines, fighters and torpedoes.

When time needs to be bought it buys far more then a gravity well or a tractor beam does.

It allows you to divide and conquer in PVP.

It saves you from a ship going critical when evasive and brace are on cool down and coupled with evasive and emergency power to engines it allows you to hold back probes on both sides of KA at once.

I use TBRs a lot, especially in pugs. I have saved many days and pulled back many ops from the brink of failure, in part due to TBRs. But I doubt most of the pugs I have helped remember the hundreds of times I have used TBRs FTW. I am sure they remember the one or two times server lag or destraction by my wife caused me to screw up though.

So on behalf of those of us who use TBRs well. I would like to ask the rest of you to please shut your faces. We don't need your put downs. When TBRs go wrong they go horribly wrong, we know. Some people use TBRs in such a way as to give the rest of us a bad name, we know this too. One mistake with TBRs in a match isn't reason to go mental on some one. You don't know why that mistake was made, or if that TBR user uses there TBRs responsibly 99% of the time.

If you must blame some one for wasting your abilities blame yourself for signing up for a PUG. You knew the kinds of people you might be joined with when you clicked that button. You took that risk. You are the reason you are in the fail group with the fail TBR user. So go moan at yourself.

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