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# 1 Dilithium & Doff Acquisition
11-16-2012, 03:19 AM
I'll save from posting about my disappointment of season 7 dilithium rewards / purchases here as that isn't what I've come to discuss. I know the score, as do many other gamers, and the team know we aren't happy about it, but realistically, I can't see them going back on their change.

What I would like to know (if anyone could spare me a few minutes) is all the missions where I can get Dilithium. I'm wanting to know the results for both FED and KDF gameplay. Specifically;
  • The Name of the Mission / Daily
  • The Dilithium Reward that comes with
  • The Average length of time said mission takes to complete

I wish to know how long it's going to take me to earn my 8k a day, and what variations of which missions I can do to acquire such. I haven't played since the patch, I'm currently boycotting the game until I know how much time, specifically, I've got to put into it to get what I want out of it, this is presently excluding the Reputation System; all I'd realistically want out of that is a Romulan Bridge Officer, though I hear they're non-customizable, so don't see myself rushing to get yet another Boff that looks the same as every other owned by players.

I also wish to know other ways of acquiring Green, Blue and Purple Duty Officers without having to pay the extortionate fees that are asked of us by Cryptic. Obviously there is the exchange (though they come in costly) and various Duty Officer Assignments which can reward a single Duty Officer (of varying quality). But what other ways are there?

Also, whilst on the subject of Duty Officers; Fleet Doffs vs Normal Doffs? What's the actual difference? Not that my KDF toon can purchase Fleet Doffs at the minute cause the Fleet Starbase I'm apart of hasn't hit Tier #1 yet (lacking in Dilithium Deposits, no surprise there).

Anyway, if someone could spare the time to answer the questions for me, I'd appreciate it. That is all. Cheers.