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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Now that they have added dilithium rewards to STFs they have taken away a large portion of the dilithium reward from the fleet actions. Effectively, this means you now have to spend twice the amount of time playing scenarios as before to earn the same amount of dilithium. And the STFs still don't offer Optional drops for the chance at XII gear. Is this really what y'all wanted?
if you wanted to earn omega marks and dilithium, you had to play both anyway. now its split so which ever you play you at least get something. grinding fleet actions only might have gotten dull after a while so at least there is a choice.

at tier 5 the marks can be turned into dilithium, the BNP's can be turned into dilithium from tier 0 and you are not relying on random drops.

its it better than before season 7. yes, no, kinda, not really, maybe i dont know. it is what it is.

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