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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
So if you have an explanation for your "tactical economical decision" that fits that I'd love to hear it.
Honestly? I don't have one. I'm not a member of the dev team and don't know how much money they're making and from where (clearly you do, though).

But the point of my answer was to say that sometimes you just can't have it all. Cryptic clearly believed that you couldn't have it all when it comes to STF rewards and reputation. Maybe we'll get lucky and have an explanation for why. We probably won't, but they don't do things for absolutely no reason.

There are likely factors in there that no one but they know about, and there's always the chance that the motivation might not have involved conferring direct benefits upon the playerbase.

This doesn't mean that the relationship between dev and playerbase has to be adversarial, but not every decision can please everyone.

What exactly would have been the problem
Who knows? Cryptic, probably. It'd be nice if they could explain, but acting like we automatically know better just because we can't see the direct benefit to ourselves from our own narrow, self-interested perspective (nothing wrong with self-interest, mind you) helps no one.

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