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11-16-2012, 02:35 AM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
You are not making any points

What would the problem have been keeping stf and having a rep system and having the ground sets on the c-store

(I assume that's what you mean when you say "the old system sucked")

From where I am sitting my rewards from stf got nucked from up to what 6000 k dil to max 980, PLUS all drops of items.

That's a 600 % decrease in rewards for what, you get access to the ground set you gave up on ?

Even so it's still the same question, why couldn't people like you, simply buy the set on the c-store while the rest of got to keep our stf's.
Why would I want to pay for it in the C store what would be the point in that.

I'm not talking about dilithium, I never used STF's for it never needed too, nor do I need them now for dilithium.

I'm talking about doing 1000 STF's and no MK XII item, but someone else might have done 5 and got the full set.

and they did not take away your STFs they are still there plus 2 more.