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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
I do actually, they said their average user spends more than 3 hours per session and play multiple times a week.

Which is enough to cover weeks worth of marks, so yes, yes I do.
Add to that they don't have anything else to do after stf got nuked.

Anyway you overshot but 1/3 of the actual amount, I guess you heard 3 months somewhere but there is the math.

Even moreso, with those numbers you will have time to level several characters through the rep system.

But that aside when someone asks for a number and especially in this here case they want to know exactly how long it takes, naturally
Because work and sleep wont get in the way? i lost about 5 hours tonight simply because of the timezone today.

because no one will run store unlocks or just not play for a few days? everyone will be logged on, just in time to fire off the next project with exactly the right amount of EC to buy the items, marks to fill the project because everyone plays in exactly the same way? is that what you believe?

the average player will take more than the 2 months required because other unlocks, and life will get in the way so i added some grace period.

fine if nothing else in your life gets in the way it will take 2 months. for the average person it will take 'like 3 months'

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