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Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
Why would I want to pay for it in the C store what would be the point in that.

I'm not talking about dilithium, I never used STF's for it never needed too, nor do I need them now for dilithium.

I'm talking about doing 1000 STF's and no MK XII item, but someone else might have done 5 and got the full set.

and they did not take away your STFs they are still there plus 2 more.
Hmm, you said stf sucks but you don't use them and don't want the sets, so what's your point again ?
If you don't care about stf why even say anything, "stf sucks!" well you are not using them remember.

All the more the same point again, since you weren't even using them, you should feel absolutely nothing if I still get to stf, amirite.
And since you don't care about the sets either we wouldn't even have to put them on the store for you.
So what would be the problem, exactly

Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Honestly? I don't have one.

... but acting like we automatically know better just because we can't see the direct benefit to ourselves from our own narrow, self-interested perspective (nothing wrong with self-interest, mind you) helps no one.
So it's just your intuition telling you which way is north on this one ?

Well if you remember they removed the dil cost from the reputation system aswell as rolled back the total cut of dil from stf.
So all that complaining did actually help in a very concrete way out here in really away from your gut feeling.
And also proved they aren't all ecompassing game masters you think they are, when they can roll out changes that crash the community only to roll them back a day later like they weren't really essential to the game afterall...



Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post

fine if nothing else in your life gets in the way it will take 2 months. for the average person it will take 'like 3 months'
I never said that and I never said I will get it done in 2 months.

The average player however, the typical player puts in enough time to have it running constantly, yes.

And the question was how long does the system take and that's under 2 months, not 3.

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