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Originally Posted by delsaberedux View Post
Star Trek has never been entirely consistent about its maps in or out of canon. I don't recall TNG ever showing us anything in detail, and if you're going by Okudagram stuff on monitors, then you'll have to canonize a ton of little in-jokes, too.
Anything seen or mentioned in Star Trek is 100% canon.

Originally Posted by delsaberedux View Post
Besides, STO is a non-canon property along with everything else that isn't on a TV or movie screen, so as long as it meets with CBS approval, Cryptic could put Archer IV in Gamma Orionis if they really wanted to. A moot point anyway, since this Archer is a different system entirely according to the tooltip text.
STO is based on the IP and Cryptic can't change Star Trek canon.

Enterprise said the Archer System is 31 Light years away, guess what Cryptic has to put it 31 light years away.

And BTW, the text clearly said that it's the system Archer visited in 2151.