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11-16-2012, 02:46 AM
I'd probably sub for a month, go in, create some alts (PROPERLY this time), then see how far it gets me. Would have to do that anyway as the pvp servers are going to be the first to die, and its sad that my level 30s are all on one with no character transfer option.

Probably won't buy anything except those account-wide unlocks, and maybe some lockboxes.

But the system is pretty meh, simply because it is completely pay to win. I'd totally steamroll anyone with Cartel Care gear, and so what if I can only do that 5 times a week? As such, the Operations and Flashpoint restrictions don't even matter - simply because there is nothing there worth getting compared to Cartel Care.

Yeah... STO had a MUCH better F2P transition. And even now... they still treat us quite well, compared to super-Ferengi Arts.
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