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11-16-2012, 03:49 AM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Hmm, you said stf sucks but you don't use them and don't want the sets, so what's your point again ?
If you don't care about stf why even say anything, "stf sucks!" well you are not using them remember.

All the more the same point again, since you weren't even using them, you should feel absolutely nothing if I still get to stf, amirite.
And since you don't care about the sets either we wouldn't even have to put them on the store for you.
So what would be the problem, exactly

I use the STF's to get MACO stuff, not dilithium.

I like the new system, I don't have to burn myself out if I want mark 12 MACO gear for my alts now...I don't have to carry players who are bad, and watch them get the tech's not a perfect system, but it's better than the old system.