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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post

Right back at you

100,000 points to tier 5
2800 points every 39 hours
100,000/2800=35,71 gates x 39 hours=1392,69hours/24=58,03 days to tier 5

less than 60 days is not "3 months"
I double checked the math on my post and realized that I was off because I'd forgotten to multiply number of repetitions by days. I got 72 days- 100,000/2800= 35.71 (realistically 36) x 40 hours (realistically 48 hours). That's two months and 12 days.

In practice, I don't think I'll be starting missions every 20 hours. More like every two days. So, a serious player could do it under 3 months.

I think it's fair to say that it will take "Like 3 months" or "about 3 months" for an average player.

The point of the OP is whether or not that's boring as hell and takes to long. IMHO the answer is no. Under the old system I got the 2 ship shields after playing for a month and went nearly 4 months before I got my ground set. By the time I got the ground set I said, "oh good I'm done." Now I have a 100% chance of getting the gear, I know exactly how long it will take to do it, and I'm not forced to do missions I don't like to get it. As someone mentioned above, I also don't have to watch some idiot die 10 times because he's flying a skittles boat, press need every time, and fly away with the loot from the optional drop.

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