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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
So it's just your intuition telling you which way is north on this one ?

Well if you remember they removed the dil cost from the reputation system aswell as rolled back the total cut of dil from stf.
So all that complaining did actually help in a very concrete way out here in really away from your gut feeling.
And also proved they aren't all ecompassing game masters you think they are, when they can roll out changes that crash the community only to roll them back a day later like they weren't really essential to the game afterall...
I never said I knew which way was north, nor did I say Cryptic was making the right decision, or that it was infallible.

I simply don't know enough to say either way. All I was saying, and all I ever said, was that they probably had their reasons for the decision, reasons that we as players can't always see clearly (or even empathize with). Players rightly want what's best for themselves, but sadly, what's best for themselves isn't always what's best for the game at large.

Never did I tell anyone to stop questioning their decisions or posting feedback or complaining, I just asked that they keep perspective, rather than immediately assume that the devs were out to screw them over or were ignoring their pleas because surely the customer is always right.

Cryptic backed down over the feedback. Great! That means they were listening. Keep telling them what you want, and if they agree that it will help the game overall (and not just the vocal minority butthurt about losing an easy farming opportunity), then maybe they'll listen.

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