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11-16-2012, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by rgrgeom View Post
TOR is dying. But then all games start to die as soon as they are released. I think the main point though is how quickly they changed their model. A sure sign that they have an accelerated death rate. STO is actually starting to get reasonably old now and is still going strong. the F2P change was a good move and helped revive the game but it still lasted 2 years or so without the F2P model using just hard core subscribers to stay alive. TOR is soo as good as dead. Its unfortunate Galaxies had to go down before TOR took over. Like replacing a vintage mustang with a prius. Yes the prius is more up to date and gadgety but seriously its a mustang!
Well, here's to hoping they'll just patch out the network requirement, allowing it to be played as an offline game. Would even produce some sales to cover that cost.

A guy can hope...