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11-16-2012, 03:30 AM
I also think that, since the dilithium is supposed to be a time based currency, it should be awarded by almost all missions. The individual amount could be lower as currently for the top paying missions, but really ubiquitous as everything you do takes time.

Alternately as an improvement to the current situation the amount awarded for completing a fleet action should be at least the same as the current elite STF reward. I don't understand cryptics worries that there might be too much dilithium, as you really can't play both an STF and FA at the same time. So what is the difference if you play 8 ESTFs or 8 FA in a row to reach your daily cap if both take roughly the same time to finish?

Other than that what is the reason to do the system patrol missions, that are not tied to a faction rep mark reward? In terms of character progression those are currently useless for end game players, which is a big shame, because some of them are really fun, they should at least have a daily for some kind of useful reward.

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